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The Great Hymn to Aten of Akhenaten (found in the tomb of Eye)

In the introduction Akhenaten (Akh en Aton) is praised as Living Aton

(Living Re-Harachte, who rejoices in the horizon) (In his name is Shu, who is Aton)
- may he live forever - Living Aton, Great in celebration of Jubilee. Everything, that surrounds the sun, is Aton. The Lord of the heaven, the Lord of the country and the Master of the house is Aton,
on the horizon is Aton. He is the King of Upper and Lower Egypt - may he live in justice - and the Lord of the Two Lands (Beautiful are the manifestations of Re, wa en Re) Son of Re
- may he live in justice - Lord of crowns (Akh en aton). He is great in his lifetime. His beloved royal wife, Mistress of the Two Countries
(Nefer-neferu Aton Nefertiti), she may live healthy and youthful forever and ever.

Acrylic on canvas, 130 x 100 cm, 2012